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Make Every Day A Holiday (MEDAH) celebrates the sacred messiness of everyday life by giving you bite sized pieces of information helping you make more of your one wild and precious life!  It’s sort of like taking an everyday adventure into your heart and soul in a lighthearted way.  No guru speak. Tons of resources.  Wanna know more?  Click here

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…Kelley Taylor

Kelley Taylor, author, designer, entrepreneur, publisherThe background story?  OK.

Kelley Taylor is a designer, author of Holiday Decorating for Dummies, and publisher of CreatingHomeDecor.com. Her work has been published on-line, in newspapers, magazines, and books and she has been interviewed widely on television and radio, and featured in print.

But here, she really jumps out of the phone booth and turns into what is often described as “your new best friend.”  She can soothe your spirit, pump you up, make you think, and better yet dare you to dream.  She’ll make you laugh, she’ll make you cry, she’ll read your letters when you write.  She keeps your secrets holding them close to her heart.   She’s your new loving companion on this wild ride called life.

Whether you ever meet her in person or not, you’ll love getting into her head and heart right here, right now, 24/7. She’s like the curator of thinking and tender moments.  Goofy ones too. 

You can find out all sorts of stuff about Kelley Taylor (not to be confused with THE Kelly Taylor of 90210 – she wishes!) by visiting her site KelleyTaylor.com.  Bottom line, Kelley wants you to know, you are not alone.  You are loved.  When you are lonely, weary, bored, scared, mad, overwhelmed by life’s burdens, she’s here…like a dog with a wagging tail, licking tongue, and generous heart.  She desperately wants you to know that whispers of comfort and hope are all around you.  You just have to read, listen, write, and move.

P.S. Don’t forget to connect with Kelley on FaceBook, MySpace or whereever else friends are sold.   

About The Sections

The Six Senses.

Inspired by the 1945 movie The Bells of St. Mary’s, starring Bing Crosby and Ingrid Bergman, the lovable though not-so-smart character, Patsy said something I hope we all embrace.

Patricia ‘Patsy’ Gallagher: [stands up in class to present a report]

The Six Senses.

Sister Mary Benedict: [baffled and confused]

The subject I gave you was the five senses.

Patricia ‘Patsy’ Gallagher:

Well, for my topic, I chose six senses.

Sister Mary Benedict:

Go on, Patricia.

Patricia ‘Patsy’ Gallagher:

The Six Senses: To see, to hear, to taste, to smell, to feel… to be.

What is life without the six senses? And no….it’s not to “see dead people.” It’s about becoming more.

 Live, Laugh, Love, and Learn.

A mantra that Kelley Taylor has lived by her entire life and one she hope to pass along to others, these four words capture how to truly embrace life and all that’s in it.  From an Italian verse to a philisophical phrase, these words have been captured in many forms as proverb on living the good life.


Thoughts on how to live – really live- something no one else can…your life.


Things that can make us giggle or smile.


Items of interest we can love whether it be a book, phrase, video, photo, item or site. 


How-to’s, tips, and things that can help you in your everyday life.