Live: Don't Forget To LIVE Life

“All men die, few men ever really live.”

Braveheart, the movie

Few men liveSo, here we are six months into the year and I wonder, what have I done so far to really live?

Have I risked?
Have I given?
Have I received?
Have I loved?
Have I failed?
Have I won?
Have I lost?
Have I tried something new?

Have I laughed?
Have I cried?
Have I written a letter to someone I haven’t seen or talked to in a while?

Have I hugged?
Have I kissed?
Have I fought?
Have I given in?
Have I forgiven?
Have I shown compassion?

There are many things on our lists of things to do. Have you made yours? Do you try to do something each day to live better than you ever have before?

Live. Don’t let your life slip away without doing everything you can do to make the most out of it.


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