Thoughts, advice, and wisdom on how to really live your life like no one else can…

  • Tolerating Uncertainty – Uncertainty is part of living. Change is all around us. But happiness, or the search for it, requires an ability to tolerate uncertainty in the midst of chaos. Here’s something to help.
  • Surviving Words –  The things we say and that are said about us or to us can remain in our minds and hearts forever.  Here’s a way you can cope with words meant to hurt us.
  • The Summer Day – Things can come and go so quickly. Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
  • Appreciating Uniqueness – There has never been anyone quite like you! In this post you can look at life in a different light.  See yourself and others.  And appreciate the beauty of it all.
  • Don’t Forget to LIVE Life! – Ask yourself these questions when you feel you’re numbing out of life. Great quote from the movie Braveheart.
  • Drive Time – Here’s another way of looking at life’s dull moments.  Never forget the dull ones give the exciting ones more meaning.
  • Beginning Today – This was a forwarded email sent to me by a friend that reminds you of all you would ever want to be and more.  Life starts today!
  • Coffee Anyone? – The great passalong story of the carrot, the egg, and the coffeebean.  Perfect for anyone deciding how to handle situations thrown at them.
  • Small Unexpected Moments – Life is what happens when you’re not looking.  Here’s how to enjoy life’s simple pleasures realizing one small moment can lead to big things.
  • Don’t Stop Dancing – A horrible moment in history is turned on it’s ear.  Read this.
  • Stare Fear in the Face – What are you afraid of and what is that fear keeping you from achieving in your life?  Never back down.  Read this.

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